⊖ is a platform for Artist Residency. Co-directed by Willy Smart and Misael Soto, ⊖ is uncoupled from facilities in the interest of sincerity, a gestural administration agent dealing in looking and listening via framing, actions, and placement. A soft choreography. An approximated group of Artist Residents will be encouraged to take as much inspiration as possible from as little context as possible. With its emphasis on Taking In vs. Pushing Out, there are a variety of ways to engage in ⊖'s program. The goal is for reemerging artists to return from ⊖ with more, but also less than when awarded residence. Given ⊖'s inability to provide resources of this nature, documentation isn't prioritized. Residency programming has been conducted at BFI, Miami, FL Waterfront, Kingston, NY Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL ACRE Art Residency, Stueben, WI